Exploring Possibilities.

District 9830 Conference - Smithton Tasmania

31 March - 2 April 2017

The Rotary Club of Smithton invites members to Explore Twenty Seventeen, the upcoming Rotary District 9830 Conference.


This will be one to remember, so get excited and prepare to Explore the Possibilities coming your way as we enter into this journey together. 


Please take a look around. The video below flies spectacularly over our region, and will give you a taste of what awaits. We hope you will be inspired by what we are preparing for you, and that you will take the plunge into the Far North West with us on an epic adventure!

Catch up with friends

We can't wait to catch up again. It's been nine years since the Tasmanian Conference rolled into town in 2008. Some things have changed but lots of the good stuff hasn't.


You will receive lots of genuine country hospitality – from your accommodation providers, locals and Rotarians.


Of course – with country hospitality goes country food. Our local church & social groups will tempt you with home cooking – for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea, and lunch.  And of course the Saturday night menu will be special.  Some might say that Exploring the food Possibilities is enough reason to join us at the conference!

Explore the Region

No doubt you've heard a bit about the Tarkine, and Stanley, and Robbins Island's Wagyu beef to name a few of our favourite things. Maybe this is the excuse you need to get away and have another look around in the Far North West.


Why not stay for an extra few days and really Explore the Possibilities of the area?  The Tarkine Drive opened recently and should not be missed. The Stanley Visitor Centre has a great website, or call them directly for information on things to do in Circular Head.

Explore the World

Of course, the reason we do this is to get inspired and excited about what's going on in the wider community, and what we can get involved in to make it better. Check out the keynote speakers page and get ready to Explore the Possibilities of a wild adventure all over the globe, with the adventurous and thrill-seeking crew that are making their way to the Conference!

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